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What's New Next Week? March 12, 2020

Peggy Cappy shows viewers how easy-to-do stretches and other yoga moves can relieve pain. Courtesy of Gary Gold


Next week, GPB presents two new specials designed to help viewers combat anxiety and live healthier lives. I came up with several quips to follow that statement but they all felt like very low-hanging fruit. Take a look below at what we've got coming up!


Relieving Stress with Yoga with Peggy Cappy - Thursday, March 19 at 9 PM

Discover how to relieve stress with yoga and special breathing techniques. Using simple strategies that can be added to a daily routine, Peggy shows how to calm the nervous system and ease symptoms of anxiety, including tensions, tightness and pain.


Dr. Furhman’s Food as Medicine - Friday, March 20 at 10 PM

Learn how to use food to help prevent disease and improve health with Dr. Joel Fuhrman, expert on nutrition and natural healing, who provides the latest scientific research and practical, easy-to-follow advice.

Planning on tuning in next week? Let us know in the comments!