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GPB News Round-Up - Friday, October 18, 2019

Georgia farmers like Aries Haygood of A&M Farms have faced a number of challenges over the last few years, including trade policy, weather and labor shortages. DAVID GOLDMAN / ASSOCIATED PRESS
Agricultural Markets Demand More Maintenance — But Georgia Farmers Face Weather, Labor Challenges

Farmers in Georgia have been impacted by a multitude of events in the last few years: hurricanes, stalled aid, trade policy and, on top of that, drought. 

In September, the Southeast saw record heat — with little to no rain. Now, there is lots of rain in the forecast for the coming week. On Second Thought checked in with onion farmer Aries Haygood of A&M Farms in Lyons, Georgia, to hear about the issues impacting farmers.

Listen to their conversation here.


Some Georgia Southern University students burned the book of after its author spoke on the school's Statesboro campus. GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY
For Journalism Students, Campus Book Burning Is Real-Life Training

Students of Georgia Southern University gathered Wednesday night for a difficult conversation about race, free speech and tolerance.

It comes after a book burning on campus.

GPB's Rickey Bevington spoke with the editor-in-chief of Georgia Southern University's student newspaper about the atmosphere on campus after a controversial book burning by students.


Rachel Maddow and Virginia Prescott at the Fox Theater on Oct. 13 RACHAEL JOYCE
Rachel Maddow's New Book, 'Blowout,' Takes On The Global Oil And Gas Industry

The Rachel Maddow Show is the biggest draw on MSNBC’s primetime line-up. The show tilts against Fox News’ Sean Hannity in the high stakes battle for cable news viewers. Both hosts have large and obsessive audiences, and both have seen double digit jumps in ratings since congress launched an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

That story was roiling when Rachel Maddow made her way onto the stage, at an event sponsored by A Cappella Books last Sunday, Oct. 13. On Second Thought host Virginia Prescott interviewed Maddow at the Fox Theatre. Today’s episode is part of the interview from Sunday.

Listen to the full interview here.


The wraps come off the marker for the "Girls Of The Leesburg Stockade" in Lee County in September. GRANT BLANKENSHIP / GPB
New Historical Marker For Girls Illegally Jailed During Civil Rights Era

Until recently, you could have probably ridden by the Leesburg Stockade in southwest Georgia without noticing it or having any clue about the civil rights history to which the squat, block building bore witness.

A new historical marker at the site has changed some of that. It has also led to a debate about just how many young girls were jailed there in the summer of 1963.

Read more from GPB's Grant Blankenship here.

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