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What's New Next Week? October 17, 2019

A satellite images of the Sundarbans, the largest delta in the world. Courtesy of DEIMOS IMAGING SLU, AN URTHECAST COMPANY


Next week, NOVA takes a serious look at autonomous vehicles and a new series takes a look at Earth from high above. Check out what we've got coming up below.
POV: Blowin Up - Monday, October 21 at 10 PM

Working within a broken criminal justice system, a team of rebel heroines work to change the way women arrested for prostitution are prosecuted. The film celebrates acts of steadfast defiance, even as it reveals the hurdles these women must face.


Frontline: Zero Tolerance - Tuesday, October 22 at 10 PM
How Trump turned immigration into a powerful political weapon that fueled division and violence. Inside the effort by three insurgents to tap into populist anger, transform the GOP, and crack down on immigration.
Nature: Okavango: River of Dreams - Wednesday, October 23 at 8 PM

Experience the wildlife of the Okavango Delta, an unlikely oasis and lush paradise in Southern Africa that connects and supports a wide array of creatures. Lions chase elephants, who chase hippos, who chase crocodiles. F. Murray Abraham narrates.


NOVA: Look Who's Driving - Wednesday, October 23 at 9 PM

Tech giants and car manufacturers alike are developing self-driving cars—and some of them are already on public roads. But what must computers be capable of to truly take the wheel? And could they eventually be safer than human drivers?


Life from Above - Wednesday, October 23 at 10 PM

Behold Earth as it’s never been seen before. Cameras in space tell stories of life on our planet from a brand-new perspective, revealing its incredible movements, colors, patterns and just how fast it’s changing. 

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