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Holman Autry Band - Georgia's Country Connection

Holman Autry Band from Madison County, GA
Holman Autry Band

Black Label Country? What’s that? Turns out, it’s a pretty good description for Holman Autry Band. These guys are country with a kick. They’re a four-piece band with a handful of albums out. We decided to find out more. So, we sent some emails and social media messages and waited.. and waited. Nothing. Maybe they’re not interested? Carey & I were about to move on when we heard from their manager. The boys were excited. Here we go!

We headed to Nicholson, in Madison County, on a Friday afternoon. We made our way down some back roads and turned onto “Nowhere Road” (seriously, that’s the name). This must be the place!


Carey & I were greeted with true Southern hospitality. As we scouted and set up cameras, we were offered a veggie tray and some cookies. Now that’s something Carey and I never turn down, food, especially cookies.


The band showed up and boy did they show up! This 4-person interview was a hoot. And they guaranteed that you’ll like at least one song. They guaranteed it! These guys are life-long friends, been playing together for a dozen years and acted like brothers.


As the sun started to set, we started filming their music performance. Wow! Listen to those harmonies. We kept going until the daylight was gone. Then we packed up by flashlights and talked about these guys all the way home.


We’re excited for you to experience Holman Autry Band, one piece at a time!


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For more information on Holman Autry Band visit their website.


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