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Scott Brantley - Georgia's Country Connection

Singer/Songwriter Scott Brantley of East Dublin, Georgia
Scott Brantley

When Carey and I were previewing artists and singers for this project, Scott stood out right away. “Listen to that voice!” We were thrilled that he agreed to participate but … we’re always a bit cautious (or a bit suspicious). A good Nashville producer can make almost anybody sound good. We decided to go down to Rockledge (where’s that?) and find out.

Our GPS had us on some old dirt roads with no addresses. "Are we in the right place? I don’t know. Should we call him?"
Right on time, Scott pulled up in his bright, red, Country Cadillac (that’s a pickup truck for you city folks). This guy was all country. We were definitely in the right place.
With the help of a couple of farm dogs, we set up our camera shot in front of a beautiful sunflower field and got Scott to pull up the truck. “Y’all want me to park it right here?” Yep. He grabbed his guitar and started playing and singing. "Wow! This guy’s the real deal!"
After a couple of songs we moved over in front of the old farmhouse (in the shade) and started Scott’s interview. He warned us that he “wasn’t very good at interviews.” He was wrong. There was a “country boy” passion that came out in every answer. Even one of the dogs got in on the act. “Hey Buddy, you gotta get out of my shot…you just messed up my whole answer.”  
We hope you enjoy Scott Brantley and his music as much as we did.  

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For more information on Scott check out his website

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