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Chyann Rose - Georgia's Country Connection

Singer/Songwriter Chyann Rose from Statesboro, Georgia.
Chyann Rose

“Who’s the young girl? That’s Chyann Rose, she’s a country singer from Statesboro. How old is she? 17 or 18 maybe? Cool guitar, but how does she sound? Hey, she’s really good! Let’s give her a call.”

I got Chyann on the phone while she was driving to a gig. We discussed the project and she was excited to take part. Then I asked, “How old are you? Do we need to discuss it with your parents?” She was quick to let me know that she was 19 and could handle this decision. We discovered that she was right. This is no kid. Chyann is a true professional and we were excited to meet her.
Eagle Creek Brewing Company in the Boro was a great place to see Chyann live. The owners and staff were gracious and this young lady packed the place! She has a voice and stage presence that goes way beyond her years. What a treat!
The next morning, we all met at the Harville House, an old abandoned farm house from the late 1800’s. You could almost imagine Keebler Harville and his family sitting on the front porch playing music. This was a great backdrop for Chyann. (disclaimer: we may or may not have brought a ghost home with us)
She tore through a Johnny Cash classic song and then one of her own. This kid is 19? What a pro! Then she pulled up her bright red Jeep and leaned back while I asked some questions. Throughout her performance and interview she was strong and determined. She’ll go as far as she wants.
We are excited to present Chyann Rose!

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