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Time is Running out on GPB’s Stealth Drive!

We’ve been hearing from listeners across Georgia and beyond during our Stealth Drive, thanking us for this new, less intrusive fundraising approach you’ve been hearing about on GPB Radio. 

Our hope is that listeners will continue to appreciate getting all the programming with less fundraising so much that we’ll see the same level of support we receive during a traditional fund drive.  We’re making progress, but there are just a few days left and we still have a lot of ground to cover to meet our budgetary needs this spring. 

If we haven’t heard from you yet, now is the time to join in the effort to keep GPB strong and keep traditional on-air fundraising this spring to a minimum. 

Please take a moment now to donate online or call 800-222-4788. 

If we’ve already heard from you, thank you for supporting GPB!