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What's New Next Week? May 2, 2019

30-year-old Covington mother Ja'Lisa Thomas began suffering from seizures when she became pregnant with her daughter, Veda.
Next week, Your Fantastic Mind wraps up its first season with more stories from the front lines of brain health in two all-new, back-to-back episodes. Take a look below at what we've got coming up.
Your Fantastic Mind - Monday, May 6 at 8 PM

There is no cure for epilepsy. The best hope is controlling the seizures. But researchers have proven that if you can destroy areas of the brain where the seizures happen, you can essentially cure the person. It is very difficult to figure out exactly where the seizures begin, so we follow one patient, a 30 year old mother who can no longer work or drive or be alone as doctors attempt to find and destroy the parts of her brain causing the seizures. 


Frontline: Trump's Trade War - Tuesday, May 7 at 10 PM

The inside story of President Trump's gamble to confront China over trade. Reporting from the US and China, NPR and FRONTLINE investigate what led the world's two largest economies to the brink, and the billions at stake.


NOVA: Inside the Megafire - Wednesday, May 8 at 9 PM

The California wildfires of 2018 took a worrisome trend to a new extreme, claiming scores of lives and over a million acres. Scientists investigate how forestry practices, climate change, and drought may contribute to the rise of deadly megafires.


Father Brown: The Sacrifice of Tantalus - Saturday, May 11 at 7 PM
Alan Tylett, suspected of killing a police officer, is seen near Kembleford - and Inspector Mallory is determined to catch him no matter the risk. After Sergeant Goodfellow is shot, Mallory reluctantly asks for the help of Father Brown.

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