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Unleashed – A Dog’s Life: A New GPB Digital Series

Calling all dog lovers!

GPB’s newest original digital series is all things dog. From training tips to making treats, Unleashed – A Dogs Life covers dog ownership and dog life from A to Z. Whether you’re currently a dog owner, are looking into ownership or just love dogs (honestly, who doesn’t?), Unleashed has a little something for everyone.

Unleashed will cover a variety of subjects each week that are surely to be of interest to dog owners and dog lovers alike, including choosing your canine companion, training, traveling with your dog and even puppy yoga!

Are you making the best dietary decisions for your dog?

Could your pup stand to shed a bit of weight? It might not be as easy to tell as you think. The first episode of Unleashed deals with dog weight management. Extra weight on a dog’s frame can cause a host of health problems, possibly even shortening your beloved pet’s lifespan. Find out how to check to see if your dog is sporting an extra few pounds and, most importantly, what you can do about it by watching the premiere of Unleashed: A Dog’s Life below and visit the GPB Originals Facebook page and @GPBunleashed on Instagram for new episodes each week.