Next week, Victoria reigns supreme as the Masterpiece favorite returns for a third season. You'll also get to follow a team of experts as they prepare to reconstruct Victoria and Albert's wedding in the first of a two-part special. Take a look at what we've got coming up!

Victoria on Masterpiece: Season 3 - Sunday, January 13 at 8 PM

Victoria is pregnant with her sixth child. But she has much else on her mind, chiefly the Revolutions of 1848, when the downtrodden throughout Europe begin agitating for the overthrow of aristocratic rule. Passion is also an issue in the bedroom at Buckingham Palace, where Victoria is reluctant to risk more pregnancies. She and Albert find themselves at odds about their offspring, the role of the monarchy, and increasingly with each other.

I Hate Jane Austen - Sunday, January 13 at 7 PM

Giles Coren is a British columnist and restaurant critic who can’t stomach Jane Austen's work. Join him on his quest to see if anyone can convince him to think differently and find out why he dislikes the legendary writer’s work.

Victoria & Albert: The Wedding - Sunday, January 13 at 10 PM

Enjoy a recreation of the wedding that changed British matrimonial ceremonies forever. This series, hosted by Lucy Worsley, celebrates an enduring love that was to melt the nation's heart and set the standard for generations of brides to come.

American Experience: The Swamp - Tuesday, January 15 at 9 PM

The Swamp tells the dramatic story of humanity’s attempts to conquer the Florida Everglades, one of nature’s most mysterious and unique ecosystems, through the lives of a handful of colorful and resolute characters. Repeated efforts to transform what was seen as a vast and useless wasteland into an agricultural and urban paradise ultimately lead to a passionate campaign to preserve America’s greatest wetland.

Nature - Equus: The Story of the Horse - Wednesday, January 16 at 8 PM

Explore the fascinating evolutionary journey of the horse with anthropologist Niobe Thompson, from its tiny forest-dwelling ancestor called the Dawn Horse to the modern steed, and encounter scientists unlocking the genetic basis of horsepower and decoding their emotional intelligence. 

NOVA: Pluto and Beyond - Wednesday, January 16 at 9 PM

NOVA is embedded with the New Horizons mission team as the spacecraft attempts the most distant flyby in NASA’s history. If successful, it will shed light on one of the least understood regions of our solar system: the Kuiper Belt. 

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