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Examine The Power of Art and Human Creativity Across Cultures With Civilizations, Premiering Tuesday, April 17

Carved Ivory mask-shaped hip pendant, inlaid with bronze Benin, Queen Idia, Artisit Unknown (16th century) – British Museum, London. Credit: Courtesy of Nutopia Ltd

What drives us to create? The new nine-part series Civilizations, premiering Tuesday, April 17 at 8 p.m., examines the idea that the human urge comes from wanting to make something with an eternal quality that is more lasting than ourselves.

This past weekend, the desire to create and enjoy art was evident at the 82ndAnnual Atlanta Dogwood Festival. GPB participates in the annual event, which regularly draws hundreds of artists from around the country who take part in the festival’s nationally renowned-juried Fine Artist Market. 

Approximately 200,000 people attend the event each year, where they can view and purchase art that includes sculpture, paintings, pottery, jewelry, photography and much more.

The works of artist Austin Baldauf, photographed with permission at the 82nd Annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival

But how did art become this accessible in our lives, and beyond enjoyment, what crucial role has it played in developing societies and cultures throughout the world?

Inspired by Civilization, Kenneth Clark’s landmark 1969 acclaimed series about Western art, Civilizations explores these questions and captures global art using state-of-the-art drone and camera movement technology to celebrate detail, craftsmanship and artistry like never before. 

Filmed on six continents - Africa, Asia, Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, and neighboring islands in the South Pacific Ocean), Europe and North and South America, Civilizations goes inside some of the world’s greatest museums, historic locations, cathedrals and mosques.   

Hand Stencils found in the Cave of El Castillo (c. 37,000 BCE) – Cantabria, Spain. Credit: Courtesy of © Nutopia Ltd

Cultural landmarks such as the great mosques of Istanbul, the ancient cities of Mesoamerica, the Buddhist caves of Ajanta in India, and the funeral site of China’s first emperor showcase priceless works of art and architecture created by cultures around the globe. 

Dome inside the Suleymaniye Mosque (1550-1557) Sponsored by Sultan Suleyman - Instanbul, Turkey. Credit: Courtesy of Nutopia Ltd

Episodes include “The Second Moment of Creation” (Tuesday, April 17);“How Do We Look?” (Tuesday, April 24);“God and Art” (Tuesday, May 1); “Encounters” (Tuesday, May 8); “Renaissances”(Tuesday, May 15); “Paradise on Earth”(Tuesday, June 12); “Color and Light”(Tuesday, June 19);“The Cult of Progress” (Tuesday, June 26);“What Is Art Good For?”(Tuesday, July 3).

Mandy Wilson

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