In this week’s episode of Iconic America features the American Bald Eagle. The story of how the American Bald Eagle soared to its vaunted perch in American iconography, a symbol not only of patriotism but also of environmental activism and Native American traditions.  Find out where you can spot a Bald Eagle in Georgia here!

Discover the incredible beauty of Georgia by stepping foot on the Appalachian Trail and hiking up to Bald Mountain. This section of the famous trail offers some of the state’s most stunning views and will captivate you with its varied terrain and rich biodiversity. Beginning at Amicalola Falls State Park, the Appalachian Trail spans over 70 miles in Georgia and offers hikers a true taste of the American wilderness. It offers a unique mix of dense forests, rushing waterfalls, and rugged mountain terrain, making every step an adventure. To visually see the stunning beauty of the trail, while also learning about the oldest thru-hiker—Dale Sanders—check out this episode from Windows to the Wild.  

One of the highlights of the journey is Bald Mountain. The ascent is a bit challenging, but the panoramic view from the summit is truly worth the effort. You’ll find yourself standing amidst a sea of green in summer, a stunning spectacle of colors in the fall, and a frosty winter wonderland in winter.