PBS KIDS "Tiny Time Travel" Tyler and Tony, smile as they hold their tiny time machine

Navigating the world of interpersonal skills as a child may sometimes feel like a non-stop loop of opportunities for growth. Maybe your child wishes they could go back in time to fix a social mishap. Or perhaps you saw their confusion when a friend felt differently about something. Communication skills are vital for helping kids navigate everyday interactions, and "Tiny Time Travel" is here to help!

In this series of short, funny live-action videos made for kids ages 5-8, Tyler and Tony, use their time machine to address common communication challenges faced by kids. Whether it's preventing a friend from spoiling a movie or fixing a restaurant order gone wrong, they clear things up to demonstrate the importance of social language skills like nonverbal communication, taking others’ perspectives into account, and resolving miscommunication.

Who's ready to embark on exciting journeys while sharpening social skills?! Join Tyler and Tony in "Tiny Time Travel"! Kids will laugh, learn, and master the art of communication. Catch a new episode every Friday, streaming online or on GPB.

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Credit: PBS KIDS