Kids eagerly await a screening of "Lyla in the Loop"

To share the word that the new PBS KIDS show "Lyla in the Loop" is now available, GPB Education brought the Loops family's love, laughter, and dancing to the Dougherty County Public Library's Northwest Branch. In late February, groups of excited local students and educators from three early education schools in Albany gathered at the library to be introduced to Lyla Loops and her fantastical blue sidekick, Stu. Students had the opportunity to color their new friend, Lyla, master the Carrot Cake Dance featured in Episode 4 of “Lyla in the Loop, and take home engaging learning activities.

Kids practice the algorithm of the Carrot Cake Dance from "Lyla in the Loop"

"Lyla in the Loop" centers on Lyla and her family – mom Lydia and dad Louis, who run Loops Lunch diner; older twin sisters Liana and Louisa; younger brother Luke; and sidekick Stu, who always does exactly, literally, what was asked. With her family and best friend Everett Phan, Lyla tackles all sorts of challenges, from building her own homemade carnival games using repurposed materials, to riding along and lending a hand on the neighborhood trash and recycling route, to making a puppet show that recreates the Jamaican folktale, Anansi and the Goat. Lyla even helps her sister navigate the ethics of creating an art project with the help of Stu, showcasing an age-appropriate example of current questions surrounding the use of real-world AI tools.

Meet the Loops Family of "Lyla in the Loop"

In every adventure, Lyla and Stu introduce and explore foundational computational thinking concepts, leading to some comedic disasters and creative solutions, all while helping others in their community. The series supports a wide range of learners, modeling flexible approaches to finding and designing solutions, and creative self-expression.

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Make carrot cake with "Lyla in the Loop"!

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