Looking for a bright idea to enrich your students' learning? Join GPB Education and Georgia EMC for a live television and streaming event on December 5th from 10-10:30 AM ET. Georgia Electricity Live Exploration will light up your students as we uncover the power of electricity! 


During the program, viewers will explore the foundations of electricity, currents, and electromagnetism through compelling experiments and interesting locations in Georgia, like a 700-acre solar field, a substation training facility, and a manufacturing plant that produces nearly 100 million doses of animal vaccines every year. At the end of the 30-minute program, students will have a more comprehensive understanding of how electricity is generated and delivered to and utilized by homes, businesses, and schools across the state. 

This event also includes interactive elements. Got questions about electricity? We'll have on-camera and remote experts on standby to answer them! Questions can be sent to education@gpb.org or by using #ElectricityLive on X (formerly known as Twitter). And we've got our own questions for viewers! During the program, there will be several pop quiz questions that can be responded to through text message or by voting online during the show at gpb.org/electricity. 

Georgia Electricity Live Exploration is aligned to 3rd-8th grade science standards and will be available on demand online after December 5th with supplemental classroom resources for grades K-12. This program will be televised on GPB-TV and live streamed on gpb.org/electricity.

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