Summer break is officially here! Check out these DIY crafts from Tierra Encantada that kids can do at home. Using common household items, kids can create musical instruments, stamp art, and more! 


DIY Can Drums



Materials Needed:

- Tin can, cardboard or plastic container 

- Balloon

- Rubber band 

- Drumsticks (popsicle sticks, chopsticks) 

- Optional Rice/beans/popcorn filler

- Optional Stickers or markers to decorate


- Clean out the canister. Please be sure there are no rough edges if using a metal can. 

- Cut the bottom off of a balloon (the part you blow into) and pull the remaining part of the balloon over the can so it fights “tight as a drum”.

- Secure the balloon with a rubber band.

- You can use this as a hand drum or use chopsticks, popsicle sticks as drumsticks.

- You can also fill your drum with fillers such as rice, beans or popcorn and use it as a shaker as well.  


DIY Flower Stamp Craft




- Toilet paper roll

- Paper

- Scissors

- Paint

- Paint brush


- Cut one inch slits around one end of the toilet paper roll. Simple cuts will do or you can get creative and make cut more elaborate shapes.

- After cutting, fan out cuts so the "petals" can be stamped flat.

- Paint the "petals" or dip the entire roll into paint and stamp the paper.


DIY Sensory Shaker Bottles



Materials Needed:

- A clean and empty clear plastic bottle with a top

- Filler items (rice, water, toothpicks, cereal, dried beans, paper clips, beads, etc.)

- Curling ribbon or cloth ribbon (optional to create fun decorative top)

- Scissors or a small Phillips screwdriver (optional to create fun decorative top)

- Adhesive for ribbon - hot glue, duct tape, etc. (optional to create fun decorative top)


- Empty and clean a water bottle, let dry.

- Pour items into the water bottle.

- Punch a small hole in the cap of the water bottle with a small screwdriver or with scissors.

- Pull the ribbons through and tie a knot underneath the cap so they will not come out.

- If you have hot glue, put some glue around the top of the water bottle and replace the cap. This will help to keep your child from opening it up and spilling out the contents.

*Please note, it is important to supervise your child while using this toy to ensure their safety and avoid spills.


DIY Paper Plate Strummie



Materials Needed:

- Sturdy paper plate (boxes or baking pans can be used as well)

- Several rubber bands

- Markers, paint, or stickers for decorating (optional)


- Decorate your plate.

- Help your child string the rubber bands across the paper plate.

- Pluck or strum the strings and compose your own songs or cover some of your favorite tunes!

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