econ express

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest digital learning resource, Econ Express!

The newest collaboration between Georgia Public Broadcasting and the Georgia Council on Economic Education is a game-changer for economics teachers. Econ Express is a unique online resource that helps teachers and students learn, practice and assess basic economic concepts in a creative and engaging way. Covering 51 concepts, Econ Express serves as a general overview of the content typically taught in a high school “Intro to Economics” course. It’s all here: from the basics of scarcity and productive resources to more intricate topics like comparative advantage and monetary policy. 

Econ Express provides an overview to economics that is accessible and easy to use. The “Learn” section provides a quick description of each concept at three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Following that is a “Practice” section with interactive activities that give teachers and students the opportunity to apply what they just learned. Finally, the “Assess” section challenges the learner with five multiple choice assessment questions. 

“As Georgia’s leading provider of digital learning resources, we are excited to add Econ Express to our library of content,” said GPB Director of Education Laura Evans. “Having great partners like Georgia Council for Economic Education allows us to offer additional high-quality, standards-aligned resources to support both remote and in-person instructional needs.”

“There are sites that have pieces of this, but there is no online source that has all of these features in one easy to use package,” noted Dr. Chris Cannon, Associate Director of the Georgia Council on Economic Education. He added, “I wish I had had access to this resource when I was in the classroom!”

Most importantly, Econ Express is provided at no financial charge to students or teachers. Normally, a resource like this would cost a school system hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year. Econ Express was made possible by generous support from the Truist Foundation, the Callaway Foundation, and the UPS Foundation. 
To access Econ Express, go to