Wide Angle (Grades 9-12)

Social Studies


This collection is based on the powerful award-winning international documentaries from the public television series Wide Angle. Drawing on perspectives across Global History, these resources can serve as jumping-off points to engage students with historical themes that were as relevant in the past as they are today. The intention is to help students understand why the study of different countries and cultures matters to their lives and the lives of others.

Wide Angle Screenshot


With over 250 videos, Wide Angle is an enormous collection. The good news is that there is a 15-category breakdown based on global location and topic. Generally, these videos are segments from larger documentaries which address the personal lives of people around the world. Additionally, there are 8 separate detailed lesson plans covering several of the collection's videos. Some videos may work well for middle school social studies classes, but much of the content is intended for high school because of the sensitive nature of the issues discussed.