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Whether students are learning virtually or in the classroom, GPB Education's virtual field trips are an excellent resource to help them understand certain topics and concepts. This week's Virtual Field Trip Spotlight highlights the life and legacy of Jimmy Carter

The Jimmy Carter virtual field trip takes students on a journey through the remarkable life of James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr. from his hometown experiences and early years through to his time as governor and president, into achievements post-presidency. Documents, photographs and much more are available as guideposts along the way. We recommend that students explore this virtual field trip after they have completed Unit 8 of the Georgia Studies Book: Our State and Our Nation. Teachers could use this activity as a group experience, provide class time for students to explore the field trip at their own pace, or assign it as homework in a flipped classroom setting.

Features in this virtual field trip include: 

  • video footage of interviews with experts and Carter Center staff
  • picture galleries with informative captions, including historic photos of Jimmy Carter’s life
  • primary sources that illustrate the nuances of Carter’s legacy, both chronologically and thematically
  • fun facts about the “Man from Plains”

Click here to launch the Jimmy Carter Virtual Field Trip. 

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