Georgia Public Broadcasting and the Georgia Council on Economic Education (GCEE) are pleased to announce their Lights, Camera, Budget! resource was awarded a Gold Award of Excellence by the National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE). 

The NAEE Curriculum Awards recognize superior curricular resources while also offering teachers and administrators a tool for choosing curriculum that is based on thorough examination by a committee of experts in subject matter and curriculum design.

GPB Education and GCEE partnered with the award-winning media developers at FableVision Studios to create Lights, Camera, Budget!, a new personal finance game for students. Aligned to Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE), Lights, Camera, Budget! leverages the excitement around the film industry to teach students key personal finance concepts. Georgia educators and students provided feedback during development process to guide production. Lights, Camera, Budget! was designed to work across web and mobile platforms and is available online and via mobile devices. Support for Lights, Camera, Budget! was provided by the SunTrust Foundation. 

In the game, students take on the exciting role of movie producer, making important decisions about everything from actors and directors to shooting locations and marketing strategy. Their job is to analyze the risks and rewards of each choice and its impact on the movie budget, with the goal of creating a blockbuster movie that doesn’t bust the bank.

If the player makes smart movie-making decisions - like choosing an acclaimed director that treats their cast and crew well - and doesn’t go over budget, they have a hit on their hands that makes money for them and their investors—and guarantees them another movie in the future!

Learn more about Lights, Camera, Budget! and play at