Discovery Education announced the addition of a host of new engaging assets to its award-winning digital services. With the new digital resources coming to Discovery Education Experience, educators gain even more unique resources to help them create immersive learning experiences that support a variety of academic disciplines. New content recently added to Discovery Education’s services include:

Inspire students to better understand and combat hatred: In collaboration with Discovery Channel’s global premiere of WHY WE HATE, a six-part docuseries that explores the reasons why humans hate in an effort to prevent and combat hatred, Discovery Education is proud to introduce a collection of powerful instructional resources for middle and high school classrooms that connect the important themes of the docuseries to classroom instruction. Available in Discovery Education Experience, the WHY WE HATE collection of resources includes Discovery Education-produced videos focused on the origins of hate, the biology of hate, and tribalism; classroom activities; an educator guide; a family viewing guide; and related first-person video testimonies from USC Shoah Foundation’s Teaching with Testimony collection.

New MLB STEM Career Profiles: Now that the Major League Baseball postseason is in full swing, five new STEM career profile videos are live in Discovery Education Experience. The clips highlight a variety of MLB STEM careers in fields like data analytics, building construction, video production, nutrition program management, and sustainability.

Help students find their voices and know their rights: As part of its vast collection of resources for Constitution Day, Discovery Education produced “Constitution Day 2019: Find Your Voice” in partnership with iCivics. The unique event was designed to help students learn how their Constitutional rights give them a voice, how those rights are protected, and how they can use their voices to speak up about the issues they care about. The program and teacher guide are now available in Discovery Education Experience and Social Studies Techbook.

Honor and Remember with resources from the 9/11 Tribute Museum: Discovery Education has partnered with the 9/11 Tribute Museum to share the video testimonial series, 9/11 Personal Stories of Transformation. Available in the September 11 channel in Discovery Education Experience and Social Studies Techbook, the series profiles first responders, survivors, and witnesses to the September 11 terrorist attacks and explores how these individuals were transformed by tragedy to dedicate themselves to the service of others. An accompanying instructional resource guide provides lesson plans and discussion questions.

New Conservation channel featuring resources from World Wildlife Fund: A new Conservation channel in Discovery Education Experience will inspire students to take informed action on large-scale issues impacting our planet. The channel features videos and images directly from World Wildlife Fund’s vast collection, offering students and educators an inside look at WWF’s efforts to support conservation along six goals: climate, food, freshwater, forests, oceans, and wildlife.

Uncover the weird and wonderful world of animal adaptations with Animal Planet: How do electric eels not electrocute themselves? Why don’t penguins’ feet freeze on ice? Why do dogs wag their tails? These questions and others are explored in the Animal Planet series How Do Animals Do That?.

Students bust myths with MythBusters Jr.: Students will use ingenuity and STEM skills to bust myths alongside Adam Savage and six of the nation’s most talented kids in Science Channel’s MythBusters Jr. Students will tackle myths similar to those seen in MythBusters, ranging from driving, explosions, chemistry, physics, popular culture, and more. The 10-episode series is now available in Discovery Education Experience and Science Techbook.

Start students on the pathway to financial success: A new series of videos for middle school students from Discovery Education and Discover Financial Services provides a basic overview of key financial concepts, including budgeting, saving, using credit wisely, and growing and protecting your finances. Now live in Discovery Education Experience, the resources from the Pathway to Financial Success in Schools program aim to empower students to take control of their financial futures and set their paths for financial success.

Spice up science with new programs from the Cooking Channel: Why does bread dough rise? Does it matter if you use butter or shortening in a recipe? And what does protein synthesis have to do with lemon meringue pie? Alton Brown explores the science behind common cooking techniques like searing, baking, and frying as he prepares traditional and brand-new recipes in Good Eats: Reloaded

Virtual Field Trip helps students develop Social Emotional Learning skills: Discovery Education, Wings for Kids, and The Allstate Foundation, premiered a new virtual field trip, Bringing SEL to Life. The program introduces students to the key pillars of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, social awareness, and relationship skills. Student viewers meet other real-life students who share a pledge called “Words to Live By.” The program follows these students throughout their day as they explain and model how the words of the pledge help them better understand themselves, control their actions, and strengthen their relationships.

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