Ever have trouble figuring out what the people at the end of the commercial are saying when they talk really fast? Or what about all the small print down there right before a car ad is over? Heck, even the language during a car commercial can be pretty overwhelming: tax, tag, and title. Zero down. 30 days same as cash! What many of us at the very least understand, and our students usually do not, is that most of it deals with government regulation and finance. That's right, how much it will cost and how we can pay for it.  

Sometimes we forget that one day our students will be in the same position as us. They'll need to figure out a payment plan, choosing the right checking account, or decide how to best save and then invest their money. Often this subject is one of the last things students learn. And it is not uncommon for students to finish school no wiser on the matter, leaving them to face a complicated world where the choices they make about their finances can have enormous consequences on the rest of their lives. The good news is that there are free resources in place to help you prepare them for the future.

Resources from GPB and PBS

Lights, Camera, Budget!

Grades: 6-12

Here at GPB Education, we partnered up with the Georgia Council for Economic Education and FableVision Studios to design and game-based experience that is all about the movie industry, something that is blooming in Georgia!

Citi Collection for Financial Capability

Grades: 7-13+

Based on resources from public television, this collection focuses on financial awareness, economic empowerment, and personal responsibility through lessons on savings, investment, creditworthiness, entrepreneurship, and commerce. 

Two Cents

Grades: 9-12

It's Okay to Be Smart has developed a new weekly series that focuses on millennials and Gen Z with crucial videos on finance. 

Career Connections

Grades: 9-12

Looking to help students understand that personal finance is a broad path to prosperity? In a series of videos, PBS has profiled what it is like to work in the financial industry and how your new skills can secure you a great career. Profiles include an accountant or auditor, bookkeeping, financial aid officer, fiscal analyst, and even an art auctioneer

Resources from Discovery Education (DE)


Grades: K-6

In a partnership with the Jackson Charitable Foundation, Discovery offers videos, lesson plans, and family activities that are fun and engaging.

Econ Essentials

Grades: 9-12

Along with the CME Group, DE built an economics fundamentals experience with interactive models, a video series, and even an advanced module on investing in futures. 

Pathways to Financial Success

Grades: 9-12

The Discover credit card company has helped create a suite of resources that teach students the skills and habits of financial success in a flexible program that is easily adaptable inside and outside of the classroom.


Grades: 6-12

Tiger Woods' foundation, together with Discovery Education, has developed several interactive, self-paced modules to support students as they look towards their college acceptance and how to pay for it. 

So now your students should have ample resources to put them on the path to financial security and eventual success. Paying for things isn't always going to be easy, but it shouldn't have to be so challenging that our students make poor decisions. And remember, a solid financial future requires a good deal of literacy and a lot of common cents.