GPB Education will be live streaming from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) concert hall in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 13, 2018, from 10-11 AM ET. No permission slips required! 

This live virtual field trip will offer students a behind-the-scenes experience as they learn about the science of sound and the preparation of putting on a musical performance. Students will also hear from various musicians with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. 

Aligned to 3-8 science and music standards, this show also includes live interactive elements, such as polls and experts who are available to answer students’ questions. Use the hashtag #SymphonyLive to participate in the conversation.

K-12 resources are currently available on to prepare your students for the show and/or to use as extension activities to further learning. 

Click here to register your class for the exploration!

Watch the live stream on or on your local GPB channel. An archived show will be available on demand after December 13th on and GPB Education’s YouTube page

About GPB Education Live Explorations

Home to over 10 million people, Georgia is one of the largest and geographically diverse states in the eastern United States. To help offset the costs of timely field trips, GPB’s live explorations bring exciting locations to life via live streaming, stunning footage, field experts, interactive elements, and supplemental resources. All shows are aligned to state standards and are archived on