Some of the most thoughtful and thought-provoking documentaries recently have come from NOVA, a PBS-affiliated video series that tackles some of the toughest questions and topics in science today. Nova's foray into the classroom, NOVA Education, provides digital resources for educators on STEM-related learning. Those resources are now available through PBS LearningMedia, a service GPB provides at no cost to Georgia educators.

NOVA's content collection on PBS LearningMedia covers all manner of topics and videos: from algebra and genetics to chemical reactions and adaptation. Many of their collections are offered with lesson plans and printables for students and educators, to go along with engaging videos. NOVA Labs encourages "citizen scientists to engage in the scientific process." Science NOW is full of fast-paced, innovative videos on the most cutting-edge ideas from various fields. Making Stuff takes students behind the scenes of the developing field of materials science. And to get started with the trending idea of makerspaces in the classroom, see our blog on the subject!

Need to keep your learners' attention? Look no further than Gross Science, a series of videos that offer DIY projects, experiments, and the most foul realities to teach students cool scientific understandings.

NOVA's new app, Black Holes, helps students understand astrophysics while navigating the cosmos by having fun hurling stars at various celestial objects! The app is a great tool for sixth graders and above. Want to go further? NOVA's recent documentary gives teachers a glimpse at what the School of the Future might have in store for us. Get ready!

Do you have recommendations for great NOVA lessons on PBS LearningMedia? Let us know in the comments section.