The students that we are teaching today will have jobs that don’t even exist yet because the face of technology is ever changing. In order to make sure that we have students who are ready for this level of change, it is essential to teach them how to use technology in a real-world application. Weebly affords that chance to both students and teachers by allowing users to host their own free websites.  Weebly’s easy-to-use platform allows people of any skill level to become website builders.

Here are 5 ways that Weebly can be used in your classroom:  

1. Class website

Creating a class website has never been easier! Weebly is a free, user-friendly website where you can post announcements, update a calendar, and embed images or videos for your students. Weebly is also available as both an iOS and an Android app, so students can access the class page from anywhere.

2. Online Portfolio 

Developing an online portfolio encourages students to display their work in a creative platform.  Students can use Weebly to create a website and upload images and/or videos that showcase their tasks and projects. Using Weebly as an online portfolio site will serve a dual purpose: it will streamline the submission process for assignments and it will teach students the basics of using web design. Teachers can then view their Weebly websites to assess their assignments. 



3. Building a Product

At the end of each unit, students are responsible for completing performance tasks that illustrate their comprehension of the unit’s material. Building a website is a great way for students to demonstrate their mastery of any concepts and build real-life tech skills.  Weebly makes website building easy with drag and drop tools, a variety of templates, and an app that allows students to manage content from anywhere using their smart phones.

4. Blogging

Rather than have students use paper-pencil journals, blogging is a hands-on approach that allows students to voice their ideas and thoughts on a digital platform. Students can have their own Weebly account where they post their blogs for you to read. Blogs can be written in response to a guided question, as a way of explaining a math concept, after reading a thought-provoking article, or as a continuation that analyzes the results of a science lab. 

5. Creating a Store

For business and social studies classes that teach entrepreneurial concepts, students can use Weebly to create an online store for their chosen business. Weebly allows users unlimited pages; therefore, students can make a thorough, in-depth website that showcases their companies’ products and services.



Weebly takes the intimidation factor out of designing a website, which makes it the perfect option for both teachers and students to use!


Share with us how you have used Weebly in your classroom!