Traveling to professional development courses for PLUs can be challenging. Getting approval and setting up your classroom for a substitute teacher can be the most challenging part! Online, facilitator-led courses from PBS TeacherLine mean that you can be where you need to be for work and take steps toward getting essential PLUs in subjects you’re interested in.

A new set of 6-week courses starts April 15 and will finish up about the same time the school year does on May 26. There are many options across subjects, including reading and language arts, social studies, instruction, math, science, and technology – which also include every grade from pre-k through 12th grade.

See what other Georgia teachers are saying:
"I have learned so much that I can actually use in my class, but even more applied to things I ‘thought’ I knew. The Tech340 class opened my eyes to how the Internet ‘really’ works. The INST320 class helped me understand just how to talk to parents and get them to assist with my class and the school as a whole. PBS TeacherLine is a can’t-miss educational opportunity for teachers..."
L. Adkins, Savannah-Chatham Schools

"I enjoyed the class [MATH270]... You exceeded my expectations and then some."
D. Moock, Gwinnett County Schools

”[TECH315] allowed me to discover resources to bring technology to my students and embrace the 21st century with cooperation and collaboration... I have adapted many of the assignments to incorporate many of the tools I learned and students are welcoming the additions.”
Carolyn Ayerbe, Fulton County Schools

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