How much do our children really know about Thanksgiving? Or how much do we know or remember for that matter? I haven't been a student (in an actual classroom, that is) in quite a while now. While researching for this blog, I was surprised by how much I'd forgotten or perhaps never learned.

GPB and our partner resources have rich multi-media assets on the topic. Using various media, this year can be the year that students learn AND retain information about the quintessential American holiday.

    PBS Learning Media has a video of a third grade class in a reading exercise to improve fluency. Login at and search "Thanksgiving."
    GPB's digital portal has over 130 K-12 items under the topic "Thanksgiving" in math, reading and language arts, social studies, science, health, and visual and performing arts.

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To see how much the students have learned, you can give this 10 question multiple choice and true/false test to students. How many of these did you get right?


Most answers can be found in this video: