We received an email last week asking for ways to use technology in the Physical Education classroom. We’re answering it this week with a list of apps to use in PE. If you know of others to recommend, feel free to list them here!

Available for iPhone and iPad:

PE Games has over 100 games which are organized alphabetically. You can also choose a game by type, i.e. chasing games, reaction games, cooperation games. There is even a place to add your own game.

Easy Assessment allows for teachers and coaches to upload videos and images to Dropbox, manage groups of students, and develop rubrics.

Group Games has games for indoor and outdoor play and is good for team building and icebreakers. Also available for Android.

These recommendations come from The PE Geek whose website is full of technology tools and resources for Physical Education.

There are also apps for coin toss, timers, and score keeping, which would be great ways to integrate math and technology into the PE classroom.

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