Pinterest was all the craze when it began gaining popularity – pin pictures, links, recipes and products to a virtual board to come back to later. Genius!

Oh, and you can share pins and boards with friends and strangers to see what others are coming up with and working on. Who doesn’t want to get barraged with creative projects and wardrobe suggestions all day, every day?

But when it came to finding its use for the Southern Education Desk, we thought about who our audience would be, and it gave us an opportunity to reach out to individuals that may not normally find our content. But we wanted it to be more than story and content sharing – we wanted to provide resources and share what other parents and teachers were doing in their homes and classrooms. So we pinned away.


With 35 boards and nearly 600 pins later, we’ve stacked our Pinterest page with interesting content around education in the southeast, information and discussions around dropout prevention, classroom resources organized by subject, links to teacher blogs, common core information and more.

Visit and follow our page at Do you have an interesting page or pin you’d like to share with us?

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