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The annual Postcard Contest sponsored by The Jimmy Carter NHS Education Program and The Peanut Institute is now underway. This year’s theme is Digging Peanuts in Plains: Home of the 39th President.

The contest ends in time for the Peanut Festival, so the turn-around time is fairly soon. Students have until August 31, 2012 to submit their entries for the competition.

Opportunities like this are ideal for connecting Georgia and National history, the relevancy of this year’s Presidential election, and even art lessons. You could have students compare the 1976 election to the 2012 elections. The relative amounts of money spent on campaigning and the various platforms available for campaigning should provide considerable points for comparison.

Particular Rules for the Postcard Contest:
•All work needs to be completed at school to assure that the work is done by the student submitting the artwork.
•All entries must include at least one peanut and relate to the theme.
•The student’s name, grade level, teacher’s name, school name, address, phone and fax number must be on the back of each entry.
•Entries should be on a 3x5 or 4x6 piece of paper or unruled index card.
For a complete list of the rules, visit
There are typically over 15,000 entries for this contest, so it is extremely important that the required information on the back of the card.

Let us know how your students enjoy this exercise and "Best of Luck!" to them.