Toomsboro Train Depot.  Image from

That’s right, folks. You can own your very own town. And, it’s right here in South Georgia. Located around 24 miles south of Milledgeville in Wilkinson County, the town boasts one convenience store, a florist, a custom cabinet shop and a post office. According to the news article that posted on GPB News Monday morning, the owners believe the city would be great for movie production companies looking for a set or music production companies looking to establish a venue.

I’ve looked online and added up the listed cost of properties for sale (land and residential) in Toomsboro. This quaint town convenient to lovely Lake Sinclair is available for $346,900, by my calculations. This is a great deal. That much money wouldn’t buy any single house at the prestigious St. Ives Country Club in the suburbs of Atlanta.

Historically, the town of Toomsboro is marked as one of the many Georgia towns trampled on Sherman’s march to the sea. For a more intimate look at Toomsboro, you can check out the blog all about the town.

The two men, David Bumgardner and Bill Lucado, who are currently selling so much of the real estate in the town, originally thought it would make a quaint, relaxing vacation destination. The small town of around 700 residents offers a quiet, removed setting that is convenient to nearby waterways for recreation and relaxation. So, Bumgardner and Lucado may yet be right. Also, Georgia offers great tax incentives for production companies, which means that their new idea of its potential in that realm has some legs to stand on.

What would you do if you owned the town? Put it to your students and see what they think. Lazy vacation destination? Major film and music productions? Or something completely different? What about developing industries for the area whose median income has actually dropped by $6000 since the 2000 census was taken?

Of course, this is also a great opportunity for someone wealthy enough to buy up another Georgia town.