We hope you are enjoying Gospel and learning more about Black spirituality in sermon and song.  The show might inspire you to discuss with others what you saw.  Whether you want to coordinate a viewing party or discussion at church, work at a library and want to have a community program (or storytime!), or just want to get some friends together to lift every voice, we’ve got you covered.  Below are resources that will help promote your event,  facilitate engaging conversation and help lead you to further resources.  Dive in and we hope this leads to some exciting discussions!


Start here to get the latest news on gospel music from around Georgia, discussion guides, playlists, blogs, podcasts and more.  Bookmark this page for ongoing updates on the show and more!

If you are inspired to create a discussion event with friends or your community, stop by the WETA Partner toolkit for graphics, language and event video clips to use to promote your event and more!  WETA and PBS have put together an Engagement and Discussion Guide for Gospel.  The guide offers resources, partners and suggestions that allow you to create the engagement opportunities that truly connect, invigorate and inspire your communities.  You'll find the Guide in the Partner toolkit.

Use this Spotify playlist to build a soundtrack for your event.  If you’re doing this event around the holidays (which is a long way from when this post was written!), check out this holiday playlist.

Back in 2021, Henry Louis Gates Jr. hosted The Black Church: This is Our Story, This is Our Song series.  There are definitely connections between this series and Gospel, so check out these resources for even more information.  There’s a fantastic printable coloring book for children there.

Speaking of children, there are more educational resources for them as well!  Designed for middle and high school students, the series has collaborated with TeachRock and BlackPast to create four standards-based, classroom-ready lessons that include video segments from the series, discussion questions, vocabulary, and student-led activities. The series also collaborated with KERA to create two audio recordings to complement lesson plans.  Check that all out here.

GPB would love to hear how your event went!  Email Amanda at adensmore@gpb.org to tell us all about it.  If you let us know before your event happens, we may be able to help promote!