This Summer, GPB embarks on a journey of reflection, honor, and storytelling. In a heartening partnership with StoryCorps, we launched the Military Voices Initiative in Georgia. Our mission was simple yet profound: to honor our brave veterans, service members, and military families by offering them a platform to share their stories, and by assuring them that as a nation, we are indeed listening.  

For over a decade, an astounding 2.4 million men and women have shown unyielding courage and resilience in serving our nation. Millions have more steadfastly supported their loved ones from the home front. They have weathered the storms of multiple deployments, the aftermath of combat injuries, and the bittersweet elation of long-awaited homecomings.  

Their stories—woven with threads of sacrifice, courage, and resilience—are a significant part of our nation’s rich tapestry. Yet, for many civilians, the realities of military service remain obscured behind the uniform.  

That is where the Military Voices Initiative steps in.  

As part of GPB’s commitment to bring diverse voices to the forefront, the Military Voices Initiative turns the microphone toward our service members, providing them a platform to speak, to share, and to be heard. In each conversation, a unique tapestry unfolds—tales of courage and fear, of camaraderie and longing, of service and sacrifice.  

From tear-filled accounts of saying goodbye to loved ones, to gripping tales from the battlefield to heartwarming stories of the joyous moment a service member finally returns home, each narrative serves as a testament to the human spirit.  

But the Military Voices Initiative is not just about honoring the voices of our military community –it is about amplifying their experiences and the lessons they carry. Through these stories, we gain insights into the complex realities of military life, bringing us one step closer to understanding and appreciating the sacrifices made by our service members.  

This initiative also serves as a platform to show gratitude for our veterans and military community, letting them know that their voices matter and their stories resonate.  

We believe that storytelling has the power to bridge gaps, foster empathy, and unite communities, Through the Military Voices Initiative, we strive to bring the military and civilian communities together, fostering a deeper understanding and a shared sense of gratitude for those who serve.  

Remember, each story holds power, and every voice counts. As we continue our commitment to sharing these unique narratives, we invite you to join us in honoring our heroes. Together we can ensure that these vital stories are not just heard, but truly listened to. In doing so, we honor their voices, their service, and their indomitable spirit.  

If you or someone else you know is interested in sharing a story about their experience in the military, GPB is hosting a virtual interview from July 10-14. Book an appointment here! If you are in the Savannah Georgia area from August 7-11, you will be able to attend an in-person interview. Appointment times and bookings can be found here.