Since then I have played in bands (Mercyland 1985-91; Bar-B-Q Killers 1987-88; Buzz Hungry 1991-96; Sugar 1992-95; The Tom Collins 1998; The Quick Hooks 2001-present; Drive-By Truckers 2011-12); Engineered and/or produced several hundred albums (Deerhunter, Drive-By Truckers, Son Volt, Amy Ray, RockaTeens, New Madrid, Muuy Biien); owned a recording studio, Chase Park Transduction 1997-present. I am the Director of the University of Georgia Music Business Program, 2010-present. I served on the Board of Directors of Nuçi's Space for many years, but recently rolled off to serve in an advisory capacity.  I have been involved in LL Baseball since 2001 serving as coach, manager, League President, and Assistant District Administrator.