Bert Wesley Huffman, President and CEO

All general questions should be submitted to Mandy Wilson, Vice President of Communications at


GPB Contacts

(listed alphabetically)




Laura Evans

Vice President of Education
Kevin Gerke Vice President of Sports and Local Productions

Emmalee Hackshaw

Vice President of Development and Engagement
Rebecca Hogue Senior Director of Development

Bert Wesley Huffman

President and CEO
Taylor Klotz Vice President of Technology

Elizabeth Laprade

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew MacCartney

Vice President of Products and Innovation
Sandy Malcolm Vice President of Content

Pat Marcus

Director of Fundraising Strategies

Veronica Pemberton Daniels

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ellen Reinhardt

Director of Radio Programming

Mimi Ricks

Vice President of GPB Studios
Marylynn Ryan Vice President of News
Jonathan St. Louis Director of Finance
Sherry White Director of Leadership Giving

Mandy Wilson

Vice President of Communications

Adam Woodlief

Chief Operations Officer

Carl Zornes

Senior Director of Platforms and Products