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A Wrinkle In Time Novel Study

Innovation in Teaching Competition: Amy Palermo from River Trail Middle School

Grade Level

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


This unit provides a differentiated novel study of Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time and focuses on informational writing and theme analysis. During the unit, students develop their reading comprehension skills, use higher-order thinking skills to discuss the book with their peers and teachers, and use technology – including Nearpod, Padlet, and PicCollage – to analyze a setting’s relationship with the theme. At the end of the unit, students integrate what they have learned in order to write their own analysis of the text in the form of a newspaper article, pamphlet or a recorded or live news report with a written transcript. In this document, you will find a suggested reading schedule, a unit calendar, and links to the apps you need to implement these activities,

Standards Addressed

English Language Arts:
ELA.6.RL.2, ELA.6.RL.3, ELA.6.RL.4, ELA.6.RL.5, ELA.6.RL.6, ELA.6.RI.4, ELA.6.W.1a-e, ELA.6.W.2a-f, ELA.6.W.4, ELA.6.W.5, ELA.6.W.6, ELA.6.L.1, ELA.6.L.2, ELA.6.L.3, ELA.6.L.4, ELA.6.L.5, ELA.6.L.6

About the Teacher

Amy Palermo
River Trail Middle School
Fulton County Schools

Amy Palermo is a 6th grade Language Arts teacher at River Trail Middle School in Johns Creek, GA.
She holds two Bachelor’s degrees in English and Sociology from the University of Connecticut and she
received her Master’s degree in Education from Saint Joseph’s College. Her best piece of teaching advice is
to always stay true to who you are as a teacher, and be flexible in trying new strategies.