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Taking Holidays Back From The Holidays

Friendsgiving shrugs off holiday season baggage.

Obama, Hollande Say They Will Expand Attacks Against ISIS In Syria, Iraq

French President Franois Hollande was at the White House trying broaden an international coalition to fight the Islamic State.

Chatham Co. Sheriff Dies

Sheriff Al St. Lawrence has died following a battle with cancer.

TSA Prepares For Record Thanksgiving At Hartsfield-Jackson

The agency expects to screen more passengers than ever at the world’s busiest airport.

Atlanta's Unique Connection With Paris Attacks

France’s top official in Georgia says Georgians have shown an outpouring of support for the people of France since last Friday’s terror attacks in Paris.

MARTA Army Works To Improve Atlanta Transit

Imagine a public transit system having its own army. Atlanta’s MARTA does. The two-month old MARTA Army is a group of volunteers working to make mass transit more personal.

Trump Doubles Down On Claim He Saw Thousands Cheer In N.J. On 9/11

In an interview, Donald Trump said people in New Jersey "where you have large Arab populations" were cheering when the Twin Towers came down. Police, however, have said it did not happen.

Georgia Congressman Helping Craft A Highway Funding Bill

Rep. Rob Woodall is on a conference committee that's ironing out differences in versions passed by the House and Senate.