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    The decision by a three-judge panel essentially throws out subsidies in the 36 states that did not set up their own insurance exchanges. The decision will be appealed.

    What does home mean to you? That’s the question behind a new interactive exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta. On the piazza, or open plaza, outside of the High a team of museum employees and volunteers bolted together the frames of what look like giant, red Monopoly houses without walls. The 40 structures make up the High Museum’s Mi Casa, Your Casa installation—the brain child of Mexican designers Hector Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena.

    Candidates only have a few more days to sway voters their way ahead of Tuesday’s primary run off for State School Superintendent. Despite Georgia’s status as a red state, Democrats Alisha Thomas Morgan and Valarie Wilson both believe they have a good shot at winning in November.

    Many mainstream companies are creating GMO-free foods, but they're not publicizing the changes. Meanwhile, some are also fighting state initiatives that would require them to label GMOs ingredients.

    Alexander Litvinenko, a critic of Vladimir Putin, died in 2006 after drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium-210. The inquiry would identify "where responsibility for the death lies."

    The Democratic Primary for Michelle Nunn was largely a formality. She defeated three lesser-known opponents. Nonetheless, the moment was a milestone – and not just for Nunn. As she took the stage that night, her supporters pointed to the fact that Georgia currently has no female representation in Washington. Emily Pelton from Atlanta is one of those supporters. Pelton believes that Michelle Nunn is the candidate many Georgians - especially women - have been waiting for. But not just because she’s a woman.

    Early voting numbers for the July 22 runoff are in. The majority of ballots have been received, though mail-in absentee ballots can still be cast. Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp said in a statement Monday that 159,152 ballots have already been cast. That number includes 134,267 ballots in which people voted in person plus 24,885 mail-in ballots returned. Kemp says that number is about 13 percent of eligible voters. He predicts the Republican runoff could see double digit turnout due to higher profile races.


    Candidates only have a few more days to sway voters their way ahead of Tuesday’s primary run off for State School Superintendent. Despite Georgia’s status as a red state, Democrats Alisha Thomas...


    GPB's Emily Jones talks with Jolene Byrne about her campaign for school board president


    Persian rugs, a civil war era surgical kit, and paintings are just a few of the items visitors can find just a short drive south of Atlanta to Scott Antique Market. With 3,500 exhibition spaces inside two climate-controlled buildings and even more dealers outside, Scott’s is the world’s largest monthly antique show. In June, GPB’s On the Story stopped by to find out why it’s been “America’s Favorite Treasure Hunt” for thirty years. Don Scott, owner of Scott Antique Market, says when customers find a treasure they really like, they shouldn’t hesitate to buy it on the spot.


    The U.S. men’s soccer team may be out of the World Cup, but that didn’t stop legions of American soccer fans from filling Brazilian stadiums to catch all the action. The U.S. had a fairly successful run, beating Ghana and tying with Portugal to survive what many deemed the 2014 World Cup’s “Group of Death.” Belgium eventually sent the team home in the Round of 16, but for many Americans, the excitement of soccer won’t go away with the 2014 World Cup. Soccer won’t replace the NFL or college football anytime soon, but its popularity is rising quickly in the U.S.