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Joaquin To Miss Georgia, Rain And Flooding Still Likely

Hurricane Joaquin is now projected to turn away from the east coast, but forecasters are expecting heavy rain and possible flooding through the weekend.

'Never Utter His Name,' Official Says Of Gunman In Oregon Shooting

Investigators say the man behind Thursday's shooting at a community college is dead. The local sheriff says he'll never say the man's name in public. A county commissioner agrees.

Hackers Breach Credit Agency Experian, Stealing 15 Million T-Mobile Customers' Info

T-Mobile's CEO says he is "incredibly angry" about the privacy breach and offers free credit monitoring for customers.

Ed Baker Is 'Tired Of Hanging Out With Old People'

One of Atlanta's top media executives is leaving the newsroom for the classroom. Teaching at Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business will be Ed Baker's third career.

What Life Would Be Like if Jimmy Carter Won a Second Term

The Takeaway imagines what the world would have been like if America woke up on November 5, 1980, to a second term Carter presidency.
Neil Miller explains 3D modelling to a student in his 3D printing class at the Museum of Design Atlanta. (Sam Whitehead/GPB News)

Making Designers Out Of Everyone With 3D Printing

The Museum of Design Atlanta is working to make sure 3D printing--and the problem solving it enables--stays in the hands of regular people.

Mars Is Having The Best Week Ever: A GPB Sci-Tech Q&A

On Friday, the new movie The Martian opens in theaters, and it’s already generating some positive buzz for its depiction of a near-future NASA rescue mission to the red planet.