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The Cost of a College Education

Innovation in Teaching Competition: Mohan Sadhasivan from Stockbridge High School

Grade Level

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


This project-based unit guides students in analyzing the cost of a college education through the use of algebraic and statistical skills. Students first research college investment options and make decisions based on longitudinal data and trends from a scatter plot. Then, students choose an appropriate regression model to analyze their data. The unit concludes as students analyze and share their findings and use these data to make practical financial preparations for college.

College & Career Learning units equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in postsecondary education and the workforce.

Standards Addressed

M.9-12.FIF.1, M.9-12.F.IF.2, M.9-12.F.LE.1, M.9-12.2, M.9-12.F.LE.3, M.9-12.S.ID.6a-c, M.9-12.S.ID.7, M.9-12.S.ID.8

About the Teacher

Dr. Mohan Sadhasivan
Stockbridge High School
Henry County Schools

Dr. Mohan Sadhasivan is currently a 9th through 12th grade teacher at Stockbridge High School in Stockbridge, GA. Dr. Sadhasivan holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Math from Madurai Kamaraj University, as well as an Education Specialist degree in Math Education from Columbus State University. Dr. Sadhasivan serves as the Math Department Chair and Math Club Sponsor at Stockbridge High School. Dr. Sadhasivan’s best piece of teaching advice is to focus on teaching mathematics that engages students’ interest and enables students to apply their understanding in various contexts.