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GPB Sustainer

Support Georgia Public Broadcasting by becoming a GPB Sustainer. All it takes is an affordable monthly contribution from your bank account or credit card of $5 a month or more.  

As a monthly GPB Sustainer, your support automatically continues, so you never have to think about whether your membership is current. 

When you make your monthly sustaining contribution from your bank account you don’t have to remember to update your information with us when your credit or debit card number changes. It’s easy for you and best for GPB!


Becoming a GPB Sustainer has many benefits

  • Uninterrupted membership from one year to the next.
  • Program updates and news to keep you attuned to all the latest happenings on GPB all year.
  • An annual summary of your gifts at tax time.
  • A subscription to the bi-monthly Members Matter newsletter with program highlights, members-only benefits and much more! Your annual subscription to the newsletter will automatically be renewed each year.
  • Access to GPB Passport - This member benefit comes to you automatically when you make a monthly Sustaining contribution of at least $5 per month. With GPB Passport you can binge watch your favorite public TV shows   where you want when you want – on your mobile device, cell phone, Roku, Apple TV and more. For more information, visit our GPB Passport page
  • You can request a thank you gift each year up to the level of your support, increase, decrease or stop your Sustaining contribution by calling Member & Audience Services.

If you have questions or are interested in becoming a GPB Sustainer, please call Member & Audience services at 800.222.4788 or email us at

Become a GPB Sustainer today.