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First Impressions: Writing, Sensory Language and Enemy Pie

Innovation in Teaching Competition: Michelle Davis from Kingsland Elementary School

Grade Level

Third Grade

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


This writing-based unit uses the story Enemy Pie by Derek Munson to challenge students to think critically about perspective and improve their writing skills. Students engage in discussion with their peers to understand first impressions and why writers use sensory language to engage readers. Further, students learn to use text evidence to support conclusions and express these conclusions in a final constructed response.

Standards Addressed

English Language Arts:
ELA.3.RL.1, ELA.3.RL.7, ELA.3.W.1, ELA.3.W.3, ELA.3.W.4, ELA.3.W.5, ELA.W.6, ELA.3.W.10, ELA.SL.1, ELA.3.SL.1

About the Teacher

Michelle Davis
Kingsland Elementary School

Michelle Davis is currently a 3rd grade teacher at Kingsland Elementary School. She received her Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Valdosta State University and her Master of Education in Educational Technology from Lesley University. Michelle served as a STEM Camp Counselor for two years and currently serves as a mentor teacher for both students and fellow teachers. Her best piece of teaching advice is to remember that learning really is fun. Add some music or a video. Get in touch with your sense of humor. Students will try so much harder if they are having a good time.