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PBS Kids Writers Contest
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GPB's 2020 KIDS Writers Contest opens January 13. Check back for details!

Congratulations to our 2019 Writers Contest finalists! To explore a story, click on an illustration below to watch the video.

Kindergarten Winners

Inside My Mommy's Body
by David Gomez
The Firefighter and the Doctor
by Damia Williams
When the Crocodile Got Eaten
by Emily Anand
My Snow Day
by Varsha Nataraj

First Grade Winners

The Mystery of the Missing High Heels
by Ella Graddy
The Confused One
by Orrin Maggiano
Casey's Mission
by Mina Bella Scruggs
The Tarantula and Leaf-Cutter Ants
by Vikhyat Konchada

Second Grade Winners

Amber and the Cherry Disaster
by Maanya Agarwal
Adventures of Squirrel Lady and Nut Boy: Pumpkin's Revenge
by Matthew JuBeark
The Girl, a Witch and a Unicorn
by Summer Sapp
Kit's Discovery
by Riya Nambiar

Third Grade Winners

The Space Adventure
by Timothy Makaroff
The Number Zero
by Randson Thompson
Where Did the Palm Trees Go?
by Craig Collier
Ferrous' Big Adventure
by Elijah Paulus

Meet the 2019 Winners

Writer's Contest Kindergarten winners
Kindergarten Awards: (L to R) Damia Williams (Stone Mountain), David Gomez (Fayetteville), Emily Anand (Decatur)
Writer's Contest first grade winners
First Grade Awards: (L to R) Ella Graddy (Atlanta), Mina Bella Scruggs (Harlem), Orrin Maggiano (Carrollton)
Writer's Contest second grade winners
Second Grade Awards: (L to R) Summer Sapp (Mableton), Maanya Agarwal (Cumming), Matthew JuBeark (Macon)
Writer's Contest third grade winners
Third Grade Awards: (L to R) Craig Collier (Atlanta), Timothy Makaroff (Fayetteville), Randson Thompson (Lincolnton)
Writer's Contest STEAM winners
STEAM Awards: (L to R) Vikhyat Konchada (Suwanee), Varsha Nataraj (Dunwoody), Riya Nambiar (Cumming), Elijah Paulus (Braselton)

Watch the 2019 Awards Ceremony

Writers Contest Activity Packet

Click to Download Activity Packet

This packet contains a series of resources to help your students break down the process of story writing. It includes a teacher’s guide with printable documents to help students with brainstorming, revising, illustrating and caption-writing. Let the story writing begin!