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The Color Monster (El Monstruo de los Colores)

Part I Introduction

Part II Puppet Building & Puppet Presentations

Part III Storyboarding, Conferencing & Story Recording

Part IV Digital Storybook Examples

Grade Level

Second Grade
Third Grade

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


In this unit, students combine traditional story-telling with technology to create a digital storybook about a monster. Using the book, The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings (El monstruo de los colores), students learn about emotions in Spanish and apply this knowledge to write a story of their own. Each student develops a monster character, scripts a story about it, and designs a puppet to perform in a mini-theater and feature in the culminating digital storybook. Although the plan is written to teach Spanish standards, it can easily be modified to teach English Language Arts standards.

Standards Addressed

Modern Languages:
Visual Arts:
VA2MC.1; VA2MC.2; VA2MC.3; VA2PR.1; VA2C.2; VA2C.1
English Language Arts:
ELA2.RL.5; ELA2.SL.1

About the Teacher

Claudia Fitzwater
Claudia Fitzwater
Drew Charter School

Claudia Fitzwater is currently a kindergarten through fifth grade Spanish Teacher at Drew Charter School in Atlanta, GA. Ms. Fitzwater holds a Bachelor’s in Foreign Languages from Santiago de Cali University and a Master’s in Education Leadership, technology concentration from Kennesaw State University. Ms. Fitzwater enjoys teaching STEAM and believes that teaching a language should provide real situations to communicate to solve real problems. She prefers to think about her class as SSTEAM (Spanish, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).