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Bullying Can't Continue Spreading Project

Innovation in Teaching Competition: Michele Brake from Baconton Community Charter School

Grade Level

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


This writing unit explores the history of the Holocaust and how it relates to modern-day bullying. Students examine poems, literature and other text to enhance their knowledge of the Holocaust while strengthening their understanding of tone, mood, allegory, diction, point of view, and theme. Then, students write an informative essay on their literary understanding within the context of the Holocaust and its connection to bullying. The unit concludes with students using their writing to create a public service announcement.

Standards Addressed

English Language Arts:
ELA.8.RI.2, ELA.8.RI.3, ELA.8.RI.4, ELA.8.RI.5, ELA.8.RI.6, ELA.8.RI.7, ELA.8.RL.1, ELA.8.RL.2, ELA.8.RL.4, ELA.8.RL.5, ELA.8.W.2, ELA.8.W.4, ELA.8.W.5, ELA.8.W.6,ELA.8.W.10, ELA.8.L.1, ELA.8.L.2, ELA.8.RL.4, ELA.8.RL.5, ELA.8.W.2, ELA.8.W.4, ELA.8.W.5, ELA.8.W.6
English Language Arts:
ELA.8.W.9, ELA.8.W.10, ELA.8.L.1, ELA.8.L.2, ELA.8.L.3, ELA.8.L.4, ELA.8.SL.1, ELA.8.SL.2, ELA.8.SL.5

About the Teacher

Michele Brake
Baconton Community Charter School

Michele Brake is currently a 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts teacher at Baconton Community Charter School in Baconton, Georgia. Ms. Brake entered the teaching profession because she loves being in an environment where reading and learning takes place. Her favorite part of being a teacher is watching students take ownership of their learning. She always strives to improve her craft by learning from others in the teaching field. She believes that being an innovative teacher is simple: be open to new methods and ideas and never teach the same thing the same way from one year to the next. Ms. Brake received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Bob Jones University. She served as a Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy (TAPP) mentor and member on both the Discipline and Attendance Committee at her school.