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Exploring Writing, Math and Social Studies with Paul Revere

Innovation in Teaching Competition: Jan Moore from Holsenbeck Elementary School

Grade Level

Third Grade

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


During this cross-curricular unit, students learn about Paul Revere and colonial times while mastering English Language Arts, mathematics, and social studies standards. At the beginning of the unit, students read And Then What Happened to Paul Revere by Jean Fritz. Students then conduct their own research about Paul Revere and colonial times, document their findings in an interactive notebook, and produce an informational writing piece. Students also explore mathematical concepts by analyzing Paul Revere’s midnight ride. At the end of the unit, students create and present a power point, song, poem, or poster with paragraphs demonstrating what they have learned.

Standards Addressed

English Language Arts:
ELA.3.RI.1, ELA.3.RI.2, ELA.3.RI.3, ELA.RI.4, ELA.3.RI.5, ELA.3.RI.6, ELA.3.RI.7, ELA.3.RI.10, ELA.3.W.2, ELA.W.7, ELA.W.8, ELA.3.SL.1, ELA.3.SL.2, ELA.SL.2, ELA.3.SL.3, ELA.3.SL.4, ELA.3.SL.5, ELA.SL.6, ELA.3.L.4,
Social Sciences:
SS.3.H.2, SS.3CG.2

About the Teacher

Jan Moore
Holsenbeck Elementary School
Barrow County Schools

Jan Moore is currently a 3rd grade teacher at Holsenbeck Elementary in Winder, GA. She received both her Bachelors in Education and Masters in Education from the University of Georgia. She was the 2012-2013 Holsenbeck Elementary Teacher of the Year, and has also served as the Grade Level Chair and in many other leadership roles. Her best piece of teaching advice is to teach with PASSION! Students who see you engaged in a subject area will get excited and want to learn. Start each day with a goal of what you want students to accomplish then work to make that happen through fun, engaging and rigorous activities.