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Law & Order at the GBI

In the Fast Forward system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the crew, who investigate cool jobs; and the people at Georgia Bureau of Investigation, who have...

Federal Reserve: It's All About the Salmon P. Chases, Baby!!!

It is 5:05 on Friday night so you know what that means... time to talk about my second favorite thing in the world. MONEY. (First being the hit 1980’s show ALF) You can imagine my excitement when I...

Hooty the owl... no pics of the goldfish but they were there!

Hooty and the goldfish.

Hey friends, I know these blogs are usually pretty light hearted and can be good for the occasional laugh, but today I would like to address a serious issue. Lepidopterophobia. It is an outbreak...

My Visit To The No-Harm Farm

I have been very lucky as the Fast Forward P.A. to get to travel all over the great state of Georgia and see all that is has to offer. The most rewarding part of this whole experience is getting to...

Macon (Good Memories)

Welcome back friends, fans, people who think that I am Fred Savage under a pen name... I want to start this blog by thanking all of you for returning. I know skillfully used puns (yes, more to come)...


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