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Hooty and the goldfish.

Hooty the owl... no pics of the goldfish but they were there!
Hooty the owl... no pics of the goldfish but they were there!

Hey friends, I know these blogs are usually pretty light hearted and can be good for the occasional laugh, but today I would like to address a serious issue. Lepidopterophobia. It is an outbreak affecting everyone from my neighbor Jerry to Nicole Kidman and I was unaware of this plague until I visited the good people at Callaway Gardens.

What is Lepidopterophobia? Why, it’s the fear of butterflies of course. Yep. People are actually afraid of butterflies. Just another awesome fun fact I picked up from working for Fast Forward.

After our wonderful trip to Macon, we took the midnight van to Callaway! While there are too many amazing features to Callaway to label one specific claim to fame, I’d like to tell you about some of the great things we got to see.

We started off our tour driving around the incredible scenery Callaway had to offer. Their team works tirelessly around the year to bring you the most gorgeous five-thousand acres you have ever seen. FIVE THOUSAND ACRES. That’s roughly 4,500 football fields, and possibly the longest Super Bowl you have ever encountered.

After getting my fill of the view, I ventured into the famed Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center. This gorgeous tropic exhibit is home to over a thousand tropical butterflies. A thousand ferocious, menacing butterflies flapping their fierce wings, preying on unsuspecting guests with their... total harmlessness. Seriously folks, you have nothing to worry about unless you have some sort of allergic reaction to dainty insects with two week lifespans.

If you haven’t been to Callaway before then I suggest you stop reading this blog and head down there now! I’ll wait...

Well, while they are doing that I want to tell all you repeat visitors to keep going back. Callaway is constantly changing and as we speak they have already starting growing the next season’s batch of plants in their highly advanced greenhouses! That’s right, gardens don’t just grow on trees people! Well... some might.

Okay, maybe this waiting thing wasn't such a smart idea after all. Well, I'll let you enjoy the scenery folks! See you next time at the Federal Reserve and a HUGE thank you to our wonderful hosts over at Callaway Gardens!