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Macon (Good Memories)

Welcome back friends, fans, people who think that I am Fred Savage under a pen name... I want to start this blog by thanking all of you for returning. I know skillfully used puns (yes, more to come) probably won’t get me as many views as some good ol’ fashioned yellow journalism, but if I learned anything from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it’s that you don’t have to have talent or fans to be successful in life.

After our wonderful trip to Athens, the Fast Forward team embarked on our next journey to THE Macon, Ga. By the luck of Zeus’ beard, I didn’t get killed by the crew for making Kevin Macon jokes for two hours in the van. I guess everyone was too full from the delicious Greek food we had for lunch.

Now my bosses have warned me not to write about anything political or taboo. Lucky for me, there is absolutely NOTHING in the news about health care or well known 1989 board games by Hasbro. Coliseum was mainly just a bunch of sunshine and lollipops and by sunshine I mean hard workers and by lollipops I mean blood samples.

Seriously, I had an amazing time with our wonderful hosts at Coliseum Northside Hospital and I truly learned a lot from my two days there. For example, if you really need to get a free shoulder check up, just pretend to work on a film crew...

I also learned that it doesn’t matter what I do for a living, the Endoscopy unit still refuses to put jelly on my stomach... Speaking of Endoscopy, our interviewees taught me that Coliseum offers a large variety of jobs; everything from Anesthesiology to Ultrasound technicians. (I was looking for a Z-profession but no luck...)

Although their jobs were diverse; all of the employees at Coliseum had one thing in common: passion for their profession. I must say it’s been amazing to see all of the different jobs in GA that are filled will passionate people.

I could keep going on about all the interesting things I learned from our trip to Coliseum but if I do, A. I will have ruined the whole episode for you and B. I will get fired for making urine sample jokes. We all had a very hard time leaving but we knew we had to keep sight of our goal: Macon some more episodes of Fast Forward.

That’s right... always end on your weakest joke. Leaves them wanting more.