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Meddin Studios

It’s true that Georgia is about 2,000 miles from Hollywood, but the film and television industries are actually much closer. In fact, they're right here in Georgia. We talk with the people at Meddin Studios in Savannah to learn why film and television are responsible for Georgia’s fastest-growing job markets. We also find out what kinds of jobs are available, how to get started, and why the folks at Meddin love what they do.

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    1. How can knowledge of classic novels, plays, and poetry be beneficial to making movies and TV?

    2. Georgia is known as the Hollywood of the South. Why are so many companies choosing to film in Georgia?



    Tinsel Town: used as a name for Hollywood, California

    Oscar: a small statue that is awarded by part of the American film industry to the best actors, movies, directors, etc., of the year; Academy Award

    Persistence of Vision: While the eyes are in motion they cannot see an object clearly

    Frame Rate: the number of frames or images displayed on a screen per second

    Cinematography: the art, process, or job of filming movies : motion-picture photography

    Script: the written form of a play, movie, television show, etc.

    Grip: a person who sets up equipment to support filming

    Gaffer: a person who sets up lighting to the approval of the cinematographer

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