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Mister Rogers on Music and Dancing, Remixed

Mister Rogers continues to bring positivity through remixed tunes.
Mister Rogers continues to bring positivity through remixed tunes.

PBS Digital Studios has released several “remixed” classics. They’ve taken our favorite and truly iconic PBS hosts and created auto-tuned renditions of memorable moments. We’ve shared them with you before in blogs with tunes featuring Bob Ross, Reading Rainbow’s LaVar Burton, Mister Rogers, and even Julia Child.

Auto-tuning music is not new. In fact, nearly everything you hear on popular radio has been auto-tuned. Using equipment including a phase vocoder, sound technicians, mixologists, and tech geeks are able to scale both the frequency and time of audio signals so that what we hear is different from what was recorded. It can keep an artist from having to re-record her song until she gets it right. And, it can create whole new songs where no song existed before, such as in the case of the Julia Child remix. With this technology, Julia is musical and entertaining in a whole new way.

Not everyone is as into the auto-tuning scene. While I certainly don’t want to go to a completely auto-tuned performance, watching short videos online from folks like PBS Digital Studios is fun and inspirational.

Their newest remix, published earlier this month, features Mister Rogers again. This song is about music, singing, and honest living. Watch it and you’ll see. It’s all in there. I’ve blogged about Mister Rogers before, too. The more I see, the more I like him. Thanks to PBS Digital Studios for putting this one together.

Watch it and see if it makes you feel hopeful, too: