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Lesson 4 - Homestay Part 4
This is Japanese II, Lesson 4 of the Irasshai series. The topics covered are family and pets. Reading practice reviews the katakana: マ、ミ、ム、メ、モ ; ヤ、ユ、ヨ.

JPN II, L. 4 Video Checksheet (print out and complete while watching the lesson, or quiz yourself afterwards)

JPN II, L. 4 Video Checksheet Answer Key

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7:00PAre You Being Served?

Strong Stuff This Insurance

7:30PAre You Being Served?

The Apartment

8:00PKeeping Up Appearances

How To Go On Holiday Without Really Trying

8:30PKeeping Up Appearances

The Rolls Royce

9:00PAs Time Goes By

Animal Magnetism

9:30PAs Time Goes By

The Bathroom

10:00PMoone Boy